We provide the high­est levels of health­care and tech­nol­ogy for surgi­cal and conser­v­a­tive treat­ments. We treat injuries, issues as a result of acci­dents, and signs of wear and tear on the muscu­loskele­tal system quickly and compe­tently with a friendly bedside manner. Our capa­ble medical profes­sion­als conduct over 3,000 surg­eries per year, making them highly expe­ri­enced in their respec­tive fields.

Our special­ists in the vari­ous ther­a­peu­tic fields from trauma surgery to phys­i­cal ther­apy work closely together to help you regain your mobil­ity and performance.

Below you can find the services we provide at our four loca­tions in Tyrol:

  • Care and treat­ment of all fresh injuries
  • Treat­ment of fresh and old sports injuries
  • Recon­struc­tive surgery for all muscu­loskele­tal injuries
  • Arthro­scopic surgery on the shoul­der, elbow, knee joint, wrist and ankle joint
  • Orthopaedics

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We guar­an­tee your primary care with­out finan­cial risk and we’re happy to help you with insur­ance queries.


You can find our medalp clin­ics at five loca­tions in Tyrol – close to you at the heart of our resorts for moun­tain sports.

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